Program installation

Press the Series 3 System button. Release as much RAM as possible by shutting down all tasks with bold names on the screen which you do not need to be active.

When the file EOE.APP is on a SSD you will need to change the Disk field. The Order program icon should appear at the chosen position when you close the dialog box by pressing Enter (you may prefer to change the Position field to First or Last).

Then press Enter to assign the Program button to the Order program. Of course you may specify another button if you prefer, or repeat the assignment for other buttons.

Access dialog reminder

Phone No (1) 
Phone No (2) 
Phone No (3) 
ModemHayes type
(Tone Dial)
Hayes type
(Pulse Dial)
ManualDatatech VX543
(300 bits/sec)
(1200 bits/sec)
(2400 bits/sec)


Max lines 
Cases onlyYESNO
Access Code 

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